Fire Retardant Zippers

  • Fire retardant zipper , as the name implies, is a special zipper that does not burn and fire retardant in case of fire. As an important part of the closure system of protective clothing, fire retardant zipper should also have excellent performance in terms of heat resistance, fire retardancy and tensile strength.

    The structure of the fire retardant zipper is similar to that of the ordinary zipper, including straps, teeth, sliders, sliders, upper ends, lower ends, etc. However, the main difference between them is that some specific treatments are used during the manufacture of fire retardant zippers to maintain their fire retardant properties.


    Generally speaking, zippers can be divided into nylon zippers, plastic zippers and metal zippers according to the material of the teeth. Considering that adding flame retardants to the raw materials of nylon and plastic zippers will reduce the strength of the zipper, metal tooth zippers are considered to be the best choice for fire retardant zippers because of their hardness, stability and heat resistance. In addition, fire retardants can be applied to the tooth surface to improve performance.

    Adhesive tape

    Metal fire-retardant zippers, by contrast, are easier to develop, and the main development focus is on the fire-retardant properties of tapes. The fire retardant effect of tape can usually be achieved by the following two methods:

    A certain proportion of fire retardants are added to the raw materials for making zipper tapes to achieve fire retardant properties. This method is less expensive, but has the disadvantage of potentially reducing zipper strength and tape colorfastness.

    Direct use of fire retardant fiber fabric braid. Different from method 1, it can improve the strength and other properties of the zipper, but the cost is higher, and some key manufacturing processes need to be improved.

    In addition, adding a special layer to the surface of the zipper tape also helps to improve fire retardancy.


    Sliders made of metal materials are inherently flame retardant. And electroplated sliders are ideal for fire retardant zippers.

    In addition to fire retardancy and strength, fire-retardant zippers should also ensure that frequent cleaning and long-term placement will not affect their fire-retardant properties.

    As one of the excellent zipper manufacturers in China, we provide metal fire retardant zippers, metal brass zippers are commonly used in different fire retardant clothing, such as oil and gas suits, fire suits, racing suits, etc. In overseas markets, our fireproof zippers are exported to North America, South America, Europe and South Asia.

    We are happy to serve the world with these widgets. In fact, small portions can make a big difference. We believe our fire retardant zippers not only provide fire retardant protection, but also provide a sense of security and confidence to all who work in fire hazard environments. This is what we are proud of.

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