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#5 Metal Fire Retardant Open End Zipper
  • #5 Metal Fire Retardant Open End Zipper

#5 Metal Fire Retardant Open End Zipper

    • Classic fire-resistant open zippers are widely used in the following industries as durable, high-quality custom accessories:

      Garment Industry: Forest Fireproof Clothing/Overhead Work Clothing/Oil And Gas Field Clothing/Flight Suits/FR Laboratory Coverall/Flame Retardant Race Clothing and so on.

      Color options. As per customer’s request.
      Sizes options. As per customer’s request.

  • PREMIUM FRHOO Metal Fire Retardant ZIPPERS.

    Metal zippers are produced by stamping metal teeth out of a flat wire and their clamping on dyed polyester tape. After clamping, teeth are polished in order to obtain round edges and achieve better smoothness and functionality of the metal zipper chain. 


    Forest Fireproof Clothing,Overhead Work Clothing,Oil And Gas Field Clothing,Flight Suits,FR Laboratory Coverall,Flame Retardant Race Clothing.

  • What is AR and FR?

    AR (Arc-Rated)

    AR clothing is used to save workers from electrical arc. It produces like a flash when any electrical contacts are connected or there is a fault in electrical equipment. When a fault occurs in electrical equipment it releases much amount of heat and electrical energy.

    AR coveralls are mostly used by electricians as they can bear arc flash hazards and any electrical hazard.

    These coveralls are also resistive to ignition as they can not be burned and blazed by fire.

    FR (Flame-Resistant) 

    FR clothing is used to prevent the workers from fire perils. FR clothing has self-extinguishing feature as it cannot be burned after it is blazed by fire. Unlike AR clothing, FR clothing it is not fire resistive clothing, it does catch the fire at first time.


    There are many similarities in AR and FR clothing. Both can be used to get protection from fire hazards.

    But AR clothing has some advantage over FR that it is fire resistive and doesn’t catch fire at all. That’s why AR clothing can be used in all the cases of flame resisting but FR cannot be used in every arc-rated case.

    Flame-Resistant vs Flame-Retardant

    The basic difference between flame-resistant and flame-retarded material is the flame-resistant is basically designed as such it can resist fire easily. In case of flame retarding, material it is reacted with chemicals to enhance its capability of resisting fire.Fire-retardant zippers are specifically engineered to resist a range of fire types - including arc flashes, combustible dust, flash fires and molten metal splashes.

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